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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
10:14 pm
“Cause we can’t stop thinking about Aria!” =D
The highlight of my January, the first glorious event of this new year, for me, is definitely Aria’s Big Event. Participating for the chance to win such a beautiful ball jointed doll has been so exciting for me! I would be on top of the world to be the proud owner of just a magnificent new doll.
All of my dolls have a special story, and if I had Aria, she would have a lovely story too… this is the story that I hope to give to Aria one day soon. Please read and enjoy! =D
For years, Yuki, Mori and Kana waited for the return of their ruler, so that they could follow her as she paved the way to a new, beautiful, and peaceful world. Finally, after a wait that seemed to last a lifetime, once all hope seemed to be gone, a glimmer of light shined upon them… bringing with it a warmth and joy like no other. At long last, their gorgeous Empress has reappeared… Lady Aria.
Her most loyal subjects, Yuki (my dollshe hound) the stoic royal bodyguard, who has harbored a long-standing affection for his kindly Empress… Mori (my dollzone feilian) and Kana (my obitsu 27cm) fateful servants of the Empress… all of them were overwhelmed with joy to see that the Empress was back, safe and her same lovely self, inside and out!
Yuki has admired and loved Aria foras long as he could remember, but fears he will always be too shy to confess his feelings... all he knows is that he wants to stand by Aria's side and protect her always.
But their long search for their Empress had lead them far away, to the United States… and Lady Aria had reappeared all the way in Korea… so now their quest continues, to be reunited with their Empress.
They long to be in the tranquility of her presence, gaze into her warm eyes, hear her gently little voice. They are awaiting her arrival, ready to shower her in the finest silks and satins, bouquets of her favorite flowers, poetry of heartfelt words… everything she could ever desire and more.   
Yuki, Mori and Kana love their Empress Aria, and so do I… we all hope to embrace Aria with our love.
12:27 pm
Saturday, January 26th, 2008
5:30 pm
Aria Fanart!
This is the fan art I drew of Aria, I would like to share it with you all, and I hope you’ll enjoy it! This was drawn, inked and colored in Corel Photo-Paint 12, it took me hours to draw, and I had to redo the coloring a lot before I got it right… but I am very happy with the way it came out! 
Drawing is what I love to do most in life, so this drawing of Aria is to show everyone just how much I adore her! I loved drawing her sweet little pout and her sparkly eyes most of all! =D
If you have fanart of Aria, or other fan-works please post and share!  ^_^
5:25 pm
Aria’s Big Event & What Aria means to me!
Nobilitydoll is hosting an amazing event where people get an opportunity to win her by promoting her on forums and blogs! I am participating in this event, I would love to own Aria and share her pictures with everyone here in the fan club community! =D
Aria to my is very very special, the very first day I saw her she stole my heart, and I fell in love with her! To me she is so much more than just a doll, every day I love her more and more, it already feels like she is an important and valued member of my family! 
I really want to win her, I want to be the one to hold her, give her a loving him and shower her with all the love and care that a beautiful angel like her deserves! I will treat her like the noble and royal empress that she truly is, and that is a promise! ^_^
I can never thank Nobilitydoll enough for giving me (and everyone that has entered Aria’s Bit Event) a chance to win Aria, your generosity means so much to me, it makes me so happy to be able to promote Aria!   
Aria is the world to me, thanking for bringing this adorable princess into our lives, she has truly touched my heart!
- To everyone visiting the Aria Fan Club LJ Community, you too can enter Aria’s Big Event! If you love Aria and would like to win her or just would really like to promote her, then please see the image below to find out how you can join in on all the fun! ^_^
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